Angola Mission

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Feeding the Poor in Angola

In the beginning of this year, our sisters with the help of local people, distributed food to the Angola village people. It was a generous donation from a Chinese community in New York, USA for the intention of giving New year gifts to the children. After some discussion, the sisters decided that the best gift would be food. As we know, many people there are malnutritional, without even very basic needs met. The reality of poverty and hunger is great. In these villages where the children have only one meal a day. These children are the children of peasants and now they are experiencing a very difficult time due to the lack of rain. People are in great need of water and food, so the Sisters decided to help these children with food. The families in the villages are formed by parents who are ex-war fighters, nomads, and fugitives from other parts of Angola.

The distribution process was not easy, it took several weeks of preparation, because sisters had to order food from far away city which is about 8 hours driving one way. Products there are not always available, nor accessible. After the food arrived, sisters put them one by one in a plastic bag for each child and her/his family. To deliver the food, sisters drove to different villages to distribute. Totally sisters have visited 10 villages and distributed about 600 bags of food. The children and families were very happy and thankful because they started the year with some food, which they welcomed as a sign of hope for a better new year in 2021.

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