Our SMIC sisters' presence in the Philippines has been since 1994. Currently there are two main ministries: Traditional Chinese Medicine, located in Manila, and Sacred Heart School located in Tacloban. Welcome to visit our facebook for the two ministries.
Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Sacred Heart School:


In Taiwan we have the local Taiwan sisters and sisters from Vietnam. Our administration center is located in Tianan, south of Taiwan. Our ministries are in the fields of medical care, social service, and education. To know more of our services in each ministry we invite you to visit our facebook and website:

SMIC sisters in Taiwan:
St. Joseph Hospital:
Social Services:
High School:

This year we had an assembly held in Tainan where we reflected and renewed our way of life. A new leadership has been elected at the assembly. We invite you to view this video to share our vision and joy.

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